Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stretching or Resting?

So I think I have discovered something. I'm not very good at stretching. Yes, I do it, before and after every run, and even periodically during the day. I stretch for at least 1/2 an hour a day. But with cold weather now upon us, I think I need to double or triple the amount of time I spend stretching.

At least, that's what I think my legs were telling me this morning on a 4 mile run in the dark.

Running across ice and snow with my LRL (Little Red Light), I felt my legs really tighten up around mile two, to the point that I had to take a short stretch break. They never recovered really and the rest of the run wan't very comfortable.

The other possibility is that I need to give my legs more rest between runs. I used to run one day on, one day off, but lately it's been hit and miss and I'll run 2 days in a row, then rest one, or run 3, then one off, or something like that. I'm not on a schedule per say, I just try to listen to my body and run as much or as far as it is telling me it can go. So it might be telling me to rest more. But I don't like resting. I like running. Maybe I do need to schedule my runs. Or maybe I just need to stretch more. You tell me.

On the lighter side, my character, Dwight, is beating Michael and the rest in the Fave Office Character Challenge through Nike+.
The Office is on tonight. Woo-hoo.


*aron* said...

i think its all about finding out what works best for you and listening to your body. my husband got injured and has found that he does best when he doesn't run 2 days in a row. i on the other hand can run 3 days in a row and be ok. i think if you make sure to put a break between harder workouts (speed, tempo and long) thats the most important thing.

LOVE the office... cannot wait for tonight!

J said...

I run about 6 days a week, and only break on Sundays. Stretching is a real important part of my day and even if its just like 10 minutes, it makes a big difference. I think you can run two days in a row just dont go fast both days. Over the summer i used a training schedule like this: two slow days, one fast. It worked fairly well but when I tried to do two fast days in a row I felt it in my legs. Just an idea!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I've found through practical experience (i.e. my own dumb mistakes) that it's best to never stretch before your muscles are warmed up. I am religious about stretching after runs. I also do a warmup before a race, then stretch, then do strides, then race, then stretch again. I've just found that stretching a cold muscle led to a lot of problems that I haven't had since.

Melanie said...

running on ice and in the cold will definitely tighten up those muscles, i'm feeling the same way lately, your muscles also need to get used to stabilizing you more i think... at least that's what i'm telling myself. :) i've been doing about 3 days in a row, but may need to cut that down too.... good luck finding what's right for you and kudos for all the stretching!

Anonymous said...

For me anyway, I need a day off in between usually. Others can run 6 days a week (Lindsay from the Chasing the Kenyans blog), but it is good to stretch. Do you have the Stick? That might help. Also, maybe start off a bit slow at the beginning and then pick up the speed after the first mile or two? Maybe that would help how you feel.