Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing Like a Long Hot Shower

I will never take having access to a hot shower for granted. I have been to countries and on missions trips where there is no such thing as a hot shower. Just cold ones, if any at all. We live in such a great country where pretty much everyone has access to a hot shower.
Hot showers are awesome, I hope you know.

And don't ever let anyone tell you how long of a shower to take.
Some of my best ideas come while I'm in the shower. There is something about the soothing and relaxing nature of a hot shower that inspires great thoughts, I think. Many times I have had to get out of the shower and quickly write something down when I got out so I wouldn't forget what I was thinking about. Anyone with me on that?

And there have been times when I am in the shower so long and I get lost with ideas and thinking and relaxing that I forget if I have washed my hair yet. Has this happened to anyone? Surely I'm not alone here. I have to look around the shower stall for traces of shampoo to see if I've washed my hair yet. When in doubt, I wash it again. And I don't even mind that my fingers are all wrinkled.

If we ever get a new house, I want to get the biggest hot water heater we can afford, because I don't ever want the water to get cold when I'm in the shower.
By the way, I was inspired to write this post while taking a long hot shower after a long run in cold weahter. I think the shower felt especially good.


Melanie said...

with the way winter is shaping up.. there will be many runs followed by long hot showers for sure! Love 'em!

*aron* said...

ohhh nothing like a LONG hot shower after a long run! especially a cold run :)

TiredMamaRunning said...

HAHA. We just built a new house last year and the master bathroom shower is my own personal sanctuary. I literally fantasized during construction about getting to sit in the shower on the tiled bench after my first 20-miler with ice on the knees and steam from the hot water keeping me warm.

Definitely a great payoff and reward after a run outdoors in the winter (though you guys have it worse in KS than we do in CO, truth be told!).

joyRuN said...

Mmmmm.... long hot shower after a cold run is awesome :)

Frayed Laces said...

great post! Nothing beats a hot shower---the hotter, the better!