Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Running for Charity a Bad Thing?

I found an article that asks whether charity runs are bad for the sport:

I have to tell you, as one fairly new to running, I had never even considered that question, or thought that the sport of running is somehow weakened or lessened by having charity runs.  In fact, quite the opposite.  It gives people who don't normally run a chance to experience running, and raises money for a good cause at the same time.  What's the harm in that?


Loved the Biggest Loser finale.  I am so glad Michelle won, and thought it was hilarious that Ed was America's vote in a landslide.  I told you so.
Can't wait for the next season in January to start.  Did it really only take that kid 19 years to get to be 400+ pounds?


Ran 3 miles again on packed ice/snow last night.  Great run, but I am hoping this stuff will melt soon.  


Lisa said...

I agree with you. How can it be a bad thing? There are a lot of people who are doing something they might not have otherwise done and helping others in the process.

I am also a Biggest Loser fan. Thank goodness Heba or Vickie didn't win. Michelle was definitely my choice (and I am usually a fan of Bob's team). Did the production value of the live broadcast seem off to you? It seemed like a dress rehearsal- people missed their marks, you could hear Allison giving people direction etc. It seemed all over the place. And those poor women with the slick floor!

I am also looking forward to next season. I feel so bad for that kid. Unfortunately, I doubt he will do well (I hope he does). When someone is that big, the habits are pervasive. It will be interesting to see.

Melanie said...

i agree with you on the charity runs... not sure how someone could consider it bad. I was also rooting for Michelle and glad she won!

RunToFinish said...

strange that someone would even consider writing an article like that.. at least to me.

Michelle looked amazing! I was pretty impressed with how a lot of the at home players did too, I really didn't think some of them would stick with it.

Chad Sayban said...

Charity running is only a problem if you are a self-absorbed running elitest who believes that you are only a 'real' runner if you can go under 3 hours for the marathon. Never mind all the money that has been raised for people who are suffering. Frankly, the running world is better off with tons of 'fun runners' and fewer drug-using elites.

*aron* said...

i ran my first marathon for charity and now i am hooked! i think its a great thing.

loooove the biggest loser finale :)

Alissa said...

Just found your blog. I too think that charity running has done great things for running. I was a runner before I did my first charity run with Team in Training and it was a big boost in confidence to be able to be able to mentor others in running.

Julianne said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to come over and say hi! Thank you for leaving me such nice comments on my CIM post! :-)

Also, I don't think running for charity is a bad thing! Most of the charities provide really great training programs to people who never thought they'd be running a marathon. AND, they are helping with the fundraisers!

Kim said...

Don't understand the reasoning for the article at all. People will write anything though.

I'm also happy about the way The Biggest Loser turned out.

Anonymous said...

I think I also read that article about the charity runners. Like Alissa, I did a marathon this year with Team in Training. I doubt I would have been able to do it without training for it through the charity. And I had the same idea as Lisa mentions, if I am going to do this, i might as well help people at the same time.

I am glad to hear you are running well on packed snow. New England is supposed to get about 10-12 inches in my area tonight, followed by more on Sunday/Monday, and I was a bit worried about running in it. You give me hope!