Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back in the Land of Oz...

Well it's been a rough past 4-5 days for running.   We just got back last night from Illinois from my grandma's funeral, and with the travel and visiting family, etc, getting a good long run in just wasn't possible.  I did manage 30 minutes on the hotel treadmill one day, and 3 miles yesterday morning before we left.  It was actually nice outside yesterday.  The problem was that there wasn't really anywhere to run outside, since the roads around the hotel were mostly highway or frontage roads.  It was frustrating, and I ended up looping the hotel a few times and back tracking etc.  I think I am going to take today off and then run the Frosty 5K tomorrow, put on by our YMCA every New Year's Day.  The weather looks decent for it.    

I did listen to several episodes of the Extra Mile podcast during our trip.  I have had them downloaded for awhile but never listened.  Pretty cool podcast actually.  If you've never listened, it's basically runners sending in audio of their training or race reports.  Much of it is recorded while people are running, so most of the talking you can hear people huffing and puffing out on the road.   There seem to be a lot of people out there that do this.  Which leads me to the question, how do people record themselves while running like that?  What kind of voice recorder do they use?  Do any of you do this?


RunToFinish said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I had the same issue when my grandfather passed away, I really wanted to take a run and clear my head and just get to feel a little better but we were stuck in the highway!

The Happy Runner said...

Hi. Just found your site through a comment on Adventure Seeker. You wrote about 11 making you think of the scene in Spinal Tap. That's exactly what I thought, too :-)

Sorry about your grandmother -- happy new year!

TiredMamaRunning said...

So you like The Extra Mile? I keep meaning to listen, but haven't had a chance.

No clue how they talk and run, either.

I'll post that chili recipe back in the comments on my blog....everyone here except for my picky two year old loved it.

Melanie said...

Sorry again about your grandmother, glad you made it back safely.

Happy New Year!

tgorourke said...

Wow, people actually do their race reports while running, that's crazy!

On a more serious note, I am also sorry to hear about your grandmother. That just is awful especially around the holidays. I hope she was not in a lot of pain at the end.