Saturday, May 30, 2009

Head Games

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a run, and I got a good one in.  Here are the thoughts going through my head today, I'm sure you've had runs like this:

I think I'll run 6-8 miles
Well, maybe I'll scale it back to 2-3
Shoot, what am I thinking, let's get in a good 10 miles.
Well, maybe I'll just see how I feel once I'm out there.

During Run
Man, I am not feeling this run today, definitely going to be a short one, maybe just 2.
(mile 1) I should just turn around now, and do a run later, or tomorrow.
Nah, I can do 3-4 at least.
(mile 2) well, I'm feeling a little better, I think I'll stretch it to 5-6.
I don't need any music today (I take headphones off)
(mile 4) it's beautiful out here, good thing I don't have to go to the bathroom (as I pass the fast food restaurant that I sometimes "frequent"
I think I could hit 7-8 miles today
(mile 5) great, now I have to go to the bathroom...I'm just going to run home, it's just a mile and a half and that will give me 6, that will be good
(mile 6) weird, now I don't have to go anymore...well, heck, let's get in some more miles then, I bet I could get in another 2-3 and that would put me at 8-9
I may even try to get in 10 today, that would be a stretch, but I'm feeling pretty good
You know, if I hit 10, I may just keep going and shoot for 12-13, I haven't run that far in a month...
Yea, that would be great, and I'm feeling comfortable today, plus it's perfect running weather, who knows when we'll have this again.
(mile 7.5) super, now I have to REALLY go to the bathroom....I'm only 1/2 mile from home, I'll just run home and call it good at 8 miles

Total=8 miles in 1:21, about a 10:10 pace

And I BARELY made it to the toilet (I know you wanted to know that)

I have said it before and I really believe it, that the mental aspect of running is probably more important than the physical.  (not that the physical doesn't come into play, especially on 90 degree days)  I think being prepared mentally for how far you are going to run and having the mental confidence and toughness goes a long way towards having a good run.   

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Great post Oz. Soooooo much of running is in your head, don't you think? Good job on getting 8 done.

RunningLaur said...

Great synopsis - we all bargin with ourselves just like that. Excatly why I need a schedule to hold me accountable! Good work on the 8!

Marci said...

Good job getting the run done!

Nicole said...

According to Ian, who also read your blog (over my shoulder) I am the EXACT opposite of you. If I'm scheduled for 10 miles I'll do the 10 miles or hate myself for it later. Anyway, it was really funny to get an inside into the mind of another runner!

Jess said...

Yes, I think we've all had that same stream of thought!

Missy said...

Nice job but never ever pass up a chance at a real toilet with toilet paper:) It's never good when you have to pee and it goes away. Did you just sweat your pee out?

Fair Weather Runner said...

Well i think it's great that you actually clarified you made it to the toilet, otherwise who know's what everyone would think ;) And nice run!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

LOL! Yes, we have all had runs like that. I think we have also ended up doing everything you thought of doing at one time or another as well. Good job getting those 8 in.

joyRuN said...

Absolutely agree on the mental part!

Great run :)

SeeGirlRun said...

Too funny - I know exactly what you mean. Thankfully my usual 5 mile route has a nice, clean bathroom right at the midway point. Why does that happen anyway? You pound the cr@p out of yourself literally?!


IzzyBubbles said...

Ha - I was having the same type of conversation with myself about gatorade Saturday morning. "I'll run 5 and then stop for a drink. Maybe I should only do 4 and then stop for a drink. Nah, I can survive 5. Or maybe 4.5. Okay, I feel good, maybe I should just run 7 and then stop for a drink and then do another 2. Or maybe I should get a drink now." etc. Glad you had a good run and made it back to the house in time. :)

lindsay said...

i am sooo like this often times! glad you kept pushing yourself a little farther, and of course that you made it back in time (been there too!) not such a great running-feeling :)

The Happy Runner said...

Nice job on the 8! Yes, running is mental. So mental.

Thanks for your kind words about my race. :-)

Lacy said...

Doesn't it feel great when you return home with the higher number though? I lie to myself and say,"You only have to go 5"...but inch on to the 6 and then lie again saying, "just one more." Before I know it, I'm headed for the turn around to make a nice ten. We all do it!

Kalong said...

Great post! I totally agree that the mental aspect of running is crucial, it's what I struggle with the most!!

Betsy said...

Sounds like a fantastic run.

(And I have backup Roaries, too!)

ShirleyPerly said...

Very funny post!

I really miss the freedom to have unstructured runs like that. That is definitely one bad thing about having a coach (shhh, don't tell him ;-)