Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biggest Loser and other Reality Show Finales

(spoiler alert---if you haven't seen some of these finales yet, you might want to skip)

Okay, so my wife and I watch reality shows.  We DVR them and watch them after the kids are in bed.  It's kind of our time to unwind and laugh at some of the crazy stuff that people do on these shows.   So here's my take on some of the finales:

The Biggest Loser
When Mike came out at the beginning of the show, I thought for sure he would win.  He looked amazing.   I still can't believe that he didn't win!   What an amazing transformation.  Some of the other contestants still looked pretty big, especially David, who lost the least amount of weight (10%).  I knew that Joelle and Aubrey would be towards the bottom as well, they struggled losing weight even while on campus.  Everyone else lost at least 30% of their body weight, which is awesome, and the top three all lost more than 50%!  Can you imagine losing half your weight?They all looked fabulous.  But I have to say that next to Mike, I thought Jerry really looked the most transformed.  He looked incredible, and he was fun to watch because he was so excited and had lots of energy.  He deserved to win the 100K prize.  As for the top prize, I really thought that either Mike or Tara would win, but Helen proved me wrong and really did great losing all that weight.  What an inspiring show.  (yeah I had to put my bowl of ice cream down while watching due to all the guilt)

The Amazing Race
Of the three remaining teams, I was rooting for Tammy and Victor, so I was glad they won.  They raced hard and played well.  Still, I felt bad for Margie and Luke when Luke couldn't get the final piece of the puzzle in the last challenge.   They were way ahead and would have certainly won.  (where did they get all those surfboards anyway, wow)  Tammy and Victor did probably have an unfair advantage during the China leg since they spoke Chinese, but that leg was so far into the race, there was no certainty that they'd even last that long.  They almost got the boot in the 3rd leg.    Props to them for winning the $1 million prize.

The Celebrity Apprentice
In my opinion, from what was presented on TV (which I know isn't always accurate thanks to editors), Joan Rivers did not deserve to win.   Joan displayed herself in a very negative light, very bitter and angry, spewing venom at her opponent.  Annie Duke remained calm and in control.   I've lost all respect for Joan.  Annie Duke raised more money, won more challenges, and really displayed herself as the stronger leader throughout the competition.   If Donald was really hiring one of the two of them, there is no way he would hire Joan over Annie.   The fact that Annie raised 3 times as much money as Joan in the final challenge ($450K to $150K, something like that) should have been factored in.    Annie got robbed, but I'm sure Donald picked Joan for ratings and/or his own ego.   Annie was the real winner, in my opinion.

American Idol
Okay, so the finale isn't until next week, but here are my thoughts anyway.      First off, what does everyone see in Adam Lambert?  I mean, he'd be great doing music theater, but all that screaming is really getting on my nerves.  And he needs to keep his tongue in his mouth, seriously.   And the judges go on and one about how great he is?  Are they even hearing the same thing I'm hearing?   I would love to see either Danny or Kris become the winner, I like them both.   Kris will get the girl-teenie-bopper vote, so he would probably win if it came down to it, but I've really like Danny all season, he has been consistently solid.  He is a safe choice for America I think.   But, we'll see who gets into the finals tonight......more to come....

Other finales I'm looking forward to watching over the next week or two:  American Idol, 24, The Office, and Chuck (yes it's DVR'd)

Running Update
Just so you don't think all I've been doing is watching TV lately, here's a running update---ran 4 miles yesterday at a nice easy pace....was planning to do 4 more today, but only got in 2 because mother nature called and I had to turn around to go to the bathroom....also, I tried an experiment, wearing two watches during a run--my normal everyday watch and then my Garmin watch further up the arm---let me just say that it failed, felt too clunky and the Garmin kept pushing my other watch into my wrist bone....the thought was to save time and keep from having to take my everyday watch on and off all the time, but looks like I'm a one watch kind of guy....


Jess said...

I don't watch any of those shows. But, nice job on your 4 miler!

Marci said...

I agree with you about the CA, Joan Rivers was very negative, a bully and never should have won. More proof that reality shows are fixed (they are my guilty pleasure too!). Good job on your 4 miler.

ShutUpandRun said...

I know, Mike looked incredible. They all looked so great. I really thought he was going to take it, so I was surprised by Helen. I think Tara was surprised too.

joyRuN said...

I only ever watch the season finale of TBL to see the people before/after :) Mike did look awesome!

I only caught bits/pieces of Amazing Race - thanks for the update!

Missy said...

Any of those three on BL deserved it - they all looked amazing. Helen, what a sleeper, I mean, who would have expected it!?! They looked great. And Mike will finally get a date;) I DO feel bad for this brother, though. Got to get him rolling too.

Fair Weather Runner said...

I watch AI and Amazing Race and totally agree with you there. I was rooting for Tammy and Victor too (go lawyers!) but I was hoping since they didn't really need the money that they would give it to charity, guess not. Oh well. And as for AI, yeah, my poor dog runs and hides under the bed when Adam starts singing. And so with you on the tounge thing, gross. i kept reversing the Tivo last night to show Ed and be all... isn't that just icky? He belongs on broadway for sure.

Brandi said...

I think some of the issues with the people on BL was the extra skin. When they lose that amount of weight, sometimes the skin doesn't have anywhere to go. They will have to have it surgically removed. I think that was the case in some of their arms. They still looked great though! What an amazing journey they have been through!

Tea Time said...

Mike was robbed! He should have won the the grand prize. I never liked Helen from the moment she decided to send her daughter home. That's just selfish!

Chic Runner said...

I don't like helen or mike! I wanted tara to win. Oh well. :) And ozzie, I am going to post some of my beginning running ideas with links to your posts! :) You def. don't need my help, I need yours! :)

Lisa said...

OMG, I think your DVR list is the same as ours! (except we haven't done 24 yet-- I don't need yet another addicting show).

I could have written your Apprentice review verbatim. Joan Rivers (and her daughter) are so incredibly immature, it is scary.

I wanted Tara to win, but Helen pulled it off. I was shocked that Mike didn't win. He looked amazing.

I still like Adam. BUT, I can't stand the tongue.

have you ever tried wearing your Garmin on your right hand? I have done it and it works fine. I look pretty silly with a watch on both arms.

RunToFinish said...

ok i really wanted tara to win and technically thought helen was way too guess is if tara had lost "extra" weight she would have won.

overall it's an amazing show. also love amazing race...can't say i watch the others