Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tag, You're It!

A while back I was tagged by Fair Weather Runner, and true to my procrastinator nature I am just now getting around to responding....

I've never done one of these but apparently The Rules Are:

Fill it out
Change One Question with one of your own
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So here it goes:

1. What are your current obsessions?
Running, blogging, keeping my kids in line (well, that isn’t so much an obsession as it is a requirement)

2. Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
Work Wear: Most of the time khakis with a long sleeve button down shirt and some brown comfy shoes (I think it’s important to wear comfortable shoes at work to let my feet recover nicely from my runs)
Running: The Easter Bunny got me some great running shorts, which I’m just starting to be able to use now that the weather is warming up….I have two favorite long sleeve tech shirts for cool morning runs, one purple and one white, and I have a couple of favorite short sleeve tech shirts, one green and one white….
Comfy: Mostly shorts and t-shirts now that it’s warming up…when it’s cooler, my Levi Slim Straight Jeans and any comfortable top, with sneakers…

3. Last thing you bought for yourself?
A large Sonic Cherry Limeade (during Happy Hour)

4. What’s for dinner? Most of the time I'm not sure, my wife usually surprises me….if she makes it, I’m sure it will be yummy…. tonight we have skybox event for our local semi-pro baseball team that will have ball game type food (wings, nachos, hot dogs, etc)

5. Say something to the person who tagged you:
I had fun meeting Fair Weather Runner at the race in OKC, along with her hundred million fans/friends/family members…..love reading her blog, she is very funny…plus she loves to run and is from Kansas……

6. What is one item you could not live without? probably my iPod, although my wife would say my Blackberry….

7. Vacation spots you must visit before you die? HAWAII, California, and Cancun….anywhere warm really….

. 8. Three things to do before you die: Write a book of some kind (not sure what it will be about, and no one will probably read it, but that’s okay) Run a marathon (we’ll see how my next 2 or 3 half marathons go first) See the Grand Canyon

9. What are you reading right now? Not much of anything actually, too busy with work and kid's stuff.…usually just Runners World magazine, online news web sites and blogs…….

10. What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed?
Slumdog Millionaire….it was awesome, I thought……maybe I’m just saying that because it’s the first “non-kids” movie we’ve seen in quite awhile……..

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?
anything chocolate

12. What’s your favorite smell? newly cut grass, fresh air in the morning

13. If cost wasn't an issue and you could run any race in the world what would it be?
I am not sure…having run for less than a year, I am still learning about what races are even out there….New York City sounds fun though….oh, and if there is a good one in Hawaii I could do that and also check that off my list of places to vacation…..

14. Do you have a goal that you are trying accomplish before 2009 is over? Already accomplished my first goal of running my first half marathon….I think my next goal is to run another half marathon before the year is over…..

15. Describe one of your happiest moments. When my children were born. Nothing can describe how awesome it is to have a new life that is totally dependant upon you for everything. As a new parent, it was scary and exciting at the same time, but children bring so much joy to your life. I highly recommend them (within the context of marriage of course).

16. What is your favorite sports team, if you have one?
Anything K-State sports

17. What do you have an addiction to? yeah, probably my Blackberry…..

18. What do you do that you would be embarrassed for others to know about? play my sonsNintendo DS Lite as much as he does.....hey, I like Mario Kart...

19. What is one totally irrational fear you have? that when I’m driving down the road, the person coming from the other way will cross the center line and hit me head on….I like to drive in the right lane whenever possible...it's safer, albeit slower….

20. Do you have a favorite training tip? I'm not the one to ask for training advice, I'm still learning so much myself....but I do think stretching is key….and so is consistency with running.

21. What's your most embarrassing moment? It's hard to pick just one, but one time I was the announcer at a high school girls basketball game (with a microphone and lots of people in the stands) and there was a play where the ball went out of bounds, but it totally looked like a foul, so I called it over the speakers “foul on #45 (or whatever the number was)”…the only problem was that the ref didn’t call a foul….he came over and said “let me call the game, son” ....yeah, I felt small….(but in my opinion he did blow the call)

22. What is a little known fact about you? My first son was born on 01/01/01…..yeah, he’s #1 all right. Also on that day my beloved K-State Wildcats beat Tennessee in the Cotton Bowl. We watched the game, then drove straight to the hospital to have a baby. It was great. One of the best days of my life.

23. (my question) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? U.S. for sure...probably Florida or Arizona...somewhere warm but not too crowded...

I'm tagging anyone that would like to do this!


Jess said...

Well, if you ever moved to FL, I think you probably want to pick the panhandle if you want to fulfill the "not too crowded" part. South Florida is pretty densely populated.

Fair Weather Runner said...

HAH! I'm loving this post! I like prying into others lives ;) GO CATS! I think that was their last period of greatness. And btw, where did you get your K-State technical shirt? And thanks for the kind words. Seriously, this post cracked me up, there is no shame in Mario Kart!!

lindsay said...

enjoyed your q&a! there is a hawaii marathon... i am hoping to do it one day, in conjunction with a nice long vacation of course! too funny about the bball call - at least you didn't talk trash about the ref over the pa system :)

RunToFinish said...

I'll give you the Cats, but no jayhawks.

too funny on the foul call!

Shannon said...

Interesting fact about your son!

Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

What a great Q & A Oz! I love learning more about running bloggers! I understand your Blackberry addiction completely...

IzzyBubbles said...

OMG - "we watched the game and then drove to the hospital to have a baby." I'm pretty sure you just became my husband's favorite person in the world - lord knows that if I ever go into labor during the middle of some important game, I'll be waiting to have the baby until the game is over!! :)

TiredMamaRunning said...

Sonic is my downfall. That drink cup was all I needed to see to start salivating for a bacon cheddar toaster, tots, and strawberry limeade.

Anonymous said...