Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Got up and ran 4.1 miles, just so I can not feel guilty when I gorge myself later today. I ran down to the local high school and ran intervals for the first time. 4x400's, seperated by 200m walk break. All of them were sub 2:00, with the best at 1:43. It would be nice to work up to being able to maintain that pace over a full mile. That would equate to a sub 8-min mile, which would be great for me. Think my time overall today was averaging 9:20, with walk breaks and all.

Went to the high school basketball game last night and Lisa saw some friends she went to school with. Then we came back and took a picture with the family, to attach to a meal we are delivering to our friend Ann, who is home-bound with cancer. Every year we do a funny picture, and this year was no different. The picture here is the one on the card, with the caption "We looked all over for the perfect card, and we picked this one just for you."
Having a good time in Illinois. The weather is actually very nice, almost 50 I think. On the agenda for today: Watching the parade, eating lots of food, watching football, eating some more, opening Christmas presents, eating again, going to a movie, and eating lots of food. Good thing I got a run in this morning.

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