Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Blues...

Today is Black Friday, the day when thousands of people get up at the crack of dawn to fight and claw their way to saving a few dollars on a wide range of things. Every year I think about how fun it must be to stand in line in the freezing cold at 3am and hope to get one of the 5 laptops or TVs allowed at the Wal Mart here in this small town in Illinois. But this year, I didn't really feel the desire. Which is ok. Our approach was to sleep in as late as we could, have a casual morning of eating breakfast and visiting with family, then meander down to Wal Mart just minutes before the 5am-11am specials were done, to see if there was anything left. As expected, there wasn't. There was really only one thing that I was kind of interested in, and it would have only saved my 7$ off the regular price, so I figured that wasn't worth losing sleep and fighting an angry mob for.

We stuffed ourselves yesterday, and went to see Bolt at the movie theater last night. I really enjoyed it. Last year we were the only people in the whole theater seeing The Bee Movie, but this year there were another 10 or 15 people, maybe because the move had just opened last weekend.

Today for lunch we went to Bonanza...yes, an all you can eat buffet. The day after Thanksgiving. It's kind of a tradition for us to go there since Lisa used to work there while in school growing up, and lunch today seemed to be the only opportunity before we leave tomorrow. Suffice it to say, I didn't really get my money's worth at the buffet since I was still stuffed from yesterday.

I took an afternoon run, 3.2 miles in about 28 minutes, pace was 8:58 or something like that. It was nice, almost 50 degrees, and I ran in shorts. May not get to run for the next 2-3 days, or blog, as we'll be travelling around Illinois on our way home.

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