Monday, October 8, 2012

Race for the Cure

Last week I signed up and ran our local Race for the Cure.  It is probably the biggest 5K in our area and the after-race free gifts from sponsors cannot be beat--cookies, chips, travel bags, granola bars, coupons, and yes, even toilet paper.

My goal was to break 30 min and I just missed, finishing in 30:15.  There were a lot of walkers and I was dodging people for the first mile or two.   I was impressed by a lady pushing a triple-stroller in front of my pretty much the whole way.

I ran for my friend Jana, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and my thought was to run the race in her honor (they have bibs you can fill out "Running in celebration" or "running in memory" and pin to your shirt, and to pray for her throughout the run, and then send her a note afterwards with the bib letting her know she was in my prayers.   Well right after the race I ran into her!  It was so cool to see her and give her a hug and hand her the bib with her name on it.  

This is a really fun race to do because of the cause, the number of people, and all the pink.   Here are some pics from race day:

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Unknown said...

Great cause and so cool that you participated!