Sunday, September 16, 2012

My own 5K and Biggest Loser peeps in town

This past weekend, two former Biggest Loser contestants--Ken and Austin from season 11--were in town.  They spoke at both of my kids' schools, and partnered with a local church to do some seminars on health and fitness.    They also participated in a 5K race Saturday morning.

I went back and forth in my head whether to do that 5K or not.  If my son would have ran with me I would have done it, but he had his 1st soccer game of the season on Saturday and wanted to save his energy.     I decided to not to the official race instead to do my own 5K.     I ran the same route for the Hammer It 5K race I've done a couple times that runs right past my house.  The start/finish lines are still marked with spray paint on the road.   My goal was to break 30 min, but I just missed, finishing at 30:40.    Still, I felt pretty good afterwards, and I saved the $20 5K entry fee.

After my son's soccer game, we went to a seminar on health with Ken and Austin.  They gave a lot of great tips and advice on eating healthy.    We love watching the Biggest Loser.  Ken and Austin started Biggest Loser at 377 and 396 pounds, but said at their heaviest they had both been well over 400 lbs.  (450 and 430).  By the end of the show, they had gotten down to 222 and 219, respectively, losing about 43% of their weight.   They shared a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff about the Biggest Loser at the seminar too.  One interesting fact is that a week is not always a week on the show  for weigh ins.   Because of filming crew schedules and the union, etc, most of the time a week is 10 or 12 days.   So when someone loses 10 lbs in a week, they usually had longer than 7 days to lose that weight.    Here is a picture we took with them:


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Lindsay said...

that's pretty cool to get some behind the scenes info. i feel a little better knowing a week isn't really a week :)

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