Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hornet Hustle 5K

I am still alive. Barely.   I haven't run in a very long time, so I haven't felt the need to blog.  This is a running blog after all.  My last 5K was about a year ago and I haven't run much since.  First it was my lingering foot injury.   I've been to the podiatrist a couple times, wore some custom inserts for awhile, and did some stretching exercises twice a day.   When it seemed like my foot was feeling better, the "Midwest Heat Wave of 2011" kicked in, and I didn't feel like doing anything but staying inside with the AC cranked drinking lemonade.   So I didn't run.   And I've gotten out of shape.  And it showed in yesterday's 5K.

My son's school does a 5K and Fun Run as a fundraiser each year, and I tried to talk my 9 year old into doing the 2 mile or 1 mile, but he wanted to tackle the 5K again.  He totally killed it. sub 30 minute 5K on a cross country course with a few rolling hills.   I didn't see him after about a mile.  I was sucking wind, had to walk-run-walk-run the whole way, and finished about 7 minutes behind him.    He was the first kid from his school to finish.   I told him afterwards that I was proud of him and that it was official---he was faster than me now.

Yesterday was a gut check and a reminder to me that I need to get out there again and run, even if it means I'll be starting over.  Hopefully that means I'll be getting back in shape and blogging again soon.