Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Salute to Running Dads Giveaway

Are you a running dad? Do you know a running dad? Do you want to join me in saluting the running dads of the world? Do you need a last minute Father's Day gift??

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then read on, I have a giveaway just for you.

The great people (Tom and Amy) from Runner's Lounge want to give you a copy of their new book, The Ultimate Runner-Stories and Advice to Keep You Moving.
5 people will win one copy of this book! You could be one of them. ( ;
To Win:
1. Leave a comment on this post about the running dad that you admire most and why.
2. Extra entry: link back to this post on your blog.
3. Extra entry: Tell us what you're getting your dad for father's day (hey, we all need creative ideas here)
Contest ends Sunday June 20th, Father's Day.


Evolving Through Running said...

Running dad I admire the most is without a doubt Dick Hoyt. He's pushed his son in a wheelchair in over 80 marathons, and several triathalons. Give him a search on Google and be awed and humbled.

I linked back to your Giveaway in the sidebar of my blog in the Giveaway section.

Got my dad the 'Life' DVD Series on Blu-Ray. Watching it makes you realize what an amazing world is out there. Had to go with the original BBC version narrated by Richard Attenborough rather than the one Discovery is running where they decided to have Oprah narrate. Oprah ... really?

Tricia said...

I admire my hubby

running was MY passion but he got out there to support me and discovered a passion of his own.

OH and HE pushes our jogging stroller EVERY SINGLE RUN. So sweet.

Tricia said...

I got my Dad a "gym in a bag" :)

Fair Weather Runner said...

i'm not commenting for the book really. but i did want to mention that i'm 100% for the PC hammer 5K! hope you'll be there :)

Fair Weather Runner said...

okay this one i AM leaving for the book :) my sisters and i are getting my dad hiking gear since he is hiking the grand canyon this fall, and he is 62!

Lacy said...

uh.... i think I might know a running dad! :)
I'm thinking maybe a copy of this book would be a good gift. I just literally came home from the store empty handed. He's a little tough to shop for.
(And he'll probably read this)

Tim Wilson said...

I am not sure of the running dad that I admire the most. I think being that I am a running dad with two running daughters I would have to say that I admire any father that gets out there with their kids and run. I know from what my daughters tell me that the appreciation is beyond what we could imagine. Even if they are not anywhere as fast as their kids their kids will still appreciate it.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I know I'm late for the contest, so don't include me, but my dad ran a marathon at 32, my age now... I didn't quite follow in his footsteps, but I came close. Dick Hoyt has gotta be my favorite though.