Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Do You Drink?

There are a lot of good sports drinks on the market these days. So which sports drinks are the best? Here is some advice on picking sports drinks that I found helpful:

Sports drinks should have:
-6 to 8 percent carbohydrates (14 to 19 grams per 8 oz serving)
-at least 120 milligrams of sodium per 8 oz serving
-at least 2 types of carbohydrates---different types of carbs metabolize through different pathways, so those drinks with multiple types of carbs can deliver energy to the muscles faster.....look for some combination of glucose, sucrose, dexdrate, maltodextrin, and fructose
-avoid drinks whose labels list fructose or high fructose corn syrup as their first ingredient...
-4 to 1 ratio of protein to carbs, protein can help with muscle recovery from long runs
(these tips were in Dean Karnazes' book 50/50)

Personally, I like Nuun tablets in water because it's convenient and not too sugary, but it doesn't provide any carbs. I want to try Accelerade, as it has proteins, which many sports drinks do not, and hits most of the other above criteria. What sports drink are you using?

POM Wonderful
The great folks at POM Wonderful sent me a case of their 100% pomegranate juice, called POM Wonderful. I had never had pomeggranate juice before, and I'm not really sure I've ever had an actual pomegranate, so I was excited to give it a try. Evidently the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice are astounding, including improved cardiovascular and prostrate health. It is also high in anti-oxidants, which can help prevent your body from damage or disease. So, the health benefits aside, how does it taste? It wasn't too bad actually. It is a little on the tart side for my taste. I could see mixing it in with something else or watering it down a bit. And actually, after trying it straight, I checked out the POM Wonderful website and there is a whole list of drink mixes and uses, including something as simple as mixing it in iced tea or smoothies. So, I'm going to give some of those mixes a try. The benefits of this stuff are really amazing, so I would encourage you to give POM Wonderful a try!


Lacy said...

I'm enjoying Powerade ZERO. I don't drink much sports drink... just when it's really hot or if I'm training really long.
I'll drink what ever a marathon course offers, since it's vital to get electrolytes replaced during a race.
But as far as when I'm done I really have enjoyed the not-to- sweet taste of Powerade ZERO. PLUS (all debate over fake sugar aside) it has ZERO calories, BONUS!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

On loger stuff, I drink Accelerade. I love it. The blue (tri berry?) is my favorite and the only one I buy now.

Other things unsettled my stomache. Accelerade does not. And the protein makes a difference in how I feel afterwards.

Shorter stuff - Nuun. But obviously no calories, so doesn't work for longer stuff

Jess said...

Personally, I don't drink sports drinks. They upset my stomach. I prefer a chewable or dissolvable supplement and water.

HEATHER said...

I am halfway through my first tube of NUUN and I am hooked! It works wonders for me, I am sticking with it!

Marlene said...

I prefer to drink straight water so I have started using electrolyte tablets and just pop one every half hour or so. Thanks for the good info, though!

Missy said...

Love Infinit - not only do they have multiple stock options based on the length of your workout, you can create a customized blend/recipe on their website and alter the attributes to fit you. I tolerate it very well.

Bootchez said...

Two thumbs up for the Nuun . . . most of these drinks are just nasty to me, but for some reason I tolerate the Nuun well. Also, I am HOOKED on chocolate milk as a recovery drink.

Billy Burger said...

I just do the Nuun too, supplemented by Gu's if I need the carbs/calories.

RunToFinish said...

POM in a smoothie is awesome. You know I think too many folks drink sports drinks when they really don't need it.

i usually stick to Propel or something...really I just don't care for actual sports drinks most of the time

Fair Weather Runner said...

I'm a straight up Gatorade girl. But I go for the G2, less calories and sugar.

As for POM I LOVE it, I get it every now but it's so stinking expensive!

Are you doing the "can you catch don" 5K in august?

ShirleyPerly said...

I like lemon-lime Gatorade but I can't handle it full strength so I usually mix it with an orange koolaid drink I like for cycling or dilute it with plain water if I get it during a running race. Nuun is actually my preferred drink when running and I often use just that and plain water on my long runs plus gels and salt caps too for additional carbs and electrolytes since I usually run in hot humid weather. I like Accelerade as a recovery drink but the whey protein in it is not good for me while running (gives me a stomach ache and gas).

Runner Leana said...

I am a huge fan of nuun as well. Have tried some Infinit for running as well lately.

I know some folks like Accelerade. Something I've heard is that protein is very hard on you stomach during the run. It is harder to digest so it can lead to stomach cramping and other fun things. Ultimately though you have to try things to see how they work for you!

aron said...

i used to use gatorade but now am just using plain water if i am taking salt tablets and gu. i love nuun and use that on runs where i am not having salt.

lindsay said...

i use just about anything. luckily i haven't had any stomach issues yet! propel, gatorade (any of it's product lines), powerade, gu20... i just use whatever i have handy.

i got some pom juice too and can't wait to sample it.

Lisa said...

I have been drinking Vitalyte recently. It is a bit lower in sugar (10g), but I love the less sweet taste. I was drinking Gatorade Endurance and enjoyed it, but it is difficult to find.

I am not a fan of Accelerade. I bought a bunch of the fruit punch flavor while training for the marathon. The protein gives it a bit of an aftertaste to me. If you like it, let me know and I will send you what I have. Wow, Oz... you may just benefit again from having opposite tastes as me ;-)

RunnerMom said...

I'm a Gatorade G2 girl. Orange flavor only. Cheap and easily purchased at any corner market or big box store. I like it's light flavor as opposed to full sugar Gatorade.

I used Cytomax in training and in the Country Music Marathon and the tropical fruit flavor wasn't too bad. I've had mixed results with Accelerade---the protein in it mixed with hot weather runs caused some rather severe gastrointestinal issues. nuff said.