Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Possession of Bob...(Biggest Loser)

The Biggest Loser

Last night I had a TV dilemma--3 things were on that I wanted to watch, and my DVR can only record 2 things at a time.

We hardly ever watch live TV anymore, it's always DVR'd, unless it's sports. I love not having to watch the commercials. If you don't have a DVR, you should get one. You can watch an hour show in about 40 minutes, it saves so much time. Anyway, so here is how I tackled the dilemma. I ended up watching the Kansas State vs KU basketball game live (K-State lost unfortunately), then we watched the premiere of American Idol and then Biggest Loser.

Since there was so much TV to watch, I ended up fast forwarding through some parts of Biggest Loser, mostly the background stories and such. But, I got to see most of it and I am really glad we watched it, because I think it was a great episode.

When Bob got upset at Joelle and started screaming at her, I was thinking "man, he's lost it." It was so out of character for him. And then when he said at the weigh in that he "got possessed by Jillian" I thought that was hillarious. Totally true. Jillian is always the one that screams and get irate and pushes her group, and Bob is usually the calm, easy going one, so it was funny to see the switch. But hey, he got Joelle to do the 30 seconds on the mill, right?

It seemed like everyone was upset with Joelle and was hoping she would fall below the yellow line. But, it wasn't to be. The bottom two were Jerry (the oldest guy) and Daniel (the heaviest guy). Sad because, in my opinion, these are probably the two that need to be on the Biggest Loser ranch the most. So, it was too bad that either of them had to go home. I think they made the right choice, though. Daniel has so much weight to lose, and I think he really needs the support and encouragement from the show. And Jerry has a wife that will be able to help him back home continue his weight loss. It was great to see at the end that Jerry had lost 84 pounds! Very inspirational. Just confirms that you can lose weight at home, and you don't have to be on the BL ranch.

As for the temptation, $25,000 would sure tempt me to step across the line. Joelle definitely was close to giving in. I am glad none of them did, and I think mentally it reinforces for them the reason they are there and their own commitment to losing weight and getting healthy.

Other Biggest Loser thoughts:
* It was sad to see Daniel's friend eating french fries and hot dogs back home. If that is any indication, I don't see him doing too well. But, they may have just been showing him in a moment of weakness for TV effect. At least he had a glass of water to wash down his fries and dogs.
*Has anyone noticed the blatant product placement on the show this year? Last week it was Breta water filters, and this week it was Extra sugar free gum. Pretty hilarious.
*Jerry's wife throwing away all that food from her kitchen cabinets? Couldn't help but wish she would have taken it to a homeless shelter or food pantry or something.
*Can't believe Tara only lost 1 pound. She is the one I really thought would do well on the show.
*It was fun to watch Jillian's reaction when Bob got upset. He's going to need to do some yoga and take some blood pressure meds after his outburst.
* I hate it at the weigh in when they cut to commercial and everyone is shaking their heads like it's awful

Did some core workouts last night while watching the game.

Today the Smart Coach training plan called for Speed Work. This was my first time EVER doing speed work, and I think I have a lot to learn, mostly in terms of pacing (see yesterday's blog). I also don't think I like speed work.

Anyway, my run looked like this:
1 mile warm up
1 mile at 7:15 min pace (was supposed to be 8:56 pace, went way to fast and I was spent)
1/2 mile jog
1 mile at 8:20 pace (closer to the 8:56 pace goal)
1 mile cool down

I think I am going to tweak my training plan, as I think I have a half marathon picked out for this spring. More to come on that later.

Even though K-State lost the game, I got a cute pic of my 6 year old, who came out during the game and said "I'm going to kill KU." (The duckies in picture are apparently his version of Jayhawks.)


Chad Sayban said...

It's funny, you could have been watching the show with my wife and I because we had all the same thoughts, especially about the food being thrown away. I don't think Joelle is going to last very long, because everyone in the show is on the same page except for her. If she falls below, nobody is going to save her.

I was really glad to see that Jerry was able to lose so much weight and get healthy after he left the ranch. That was the best part of last night for certain.

Heather said...

I totally agree about the product placement this year - it's kind of funny. Tara is sort of my favorite contestant so far and hopefully she just had an off week.

Janice {Run Far} said...

I had all the same thoughts about the show as well. I totally was crying when Jerry was weighed in. Tears, streaming down my face. It was a great episode. Bob totally made it worth staying up late to watch instead of waiting till this morning.

Melanie said...

Bob was hysterical, Jillian's reaction was priceless, and definitely sad to see those 2 at the end. I was so sad for Jerry, but he totally took it well, which was nice to see. Love the dvr!

RunToFinish said...

I agreed that it stunk those two fell below, but holy cow he's done great at home!!

Ok on the shelter, I used to feel that way but then someone pointed out that if the food is unhealthy is it really much of a gift?

And seriously if you just came back from the biggest loser WHY would you start with a plate of fries

Julianne said...

My DVR only records 2 at a time, too!! I totally don't ever watch tv on time. Last night, I watched American Idol after I got home! And hello, there were more commercials than the contestants! Um, I don't watch the Biggest Loser so....

Oh good luck with your speed workout tonight!! I'm doing the same thing. I haven't gone in SO long!

And btw, I'm training for the Napa Valley marathon on March 1st!! I had to tweak my training plan on the Smart Coach, too. I was waaaay too ambitious before. It's much more manageable now. :-)

KimsRunning said...

Oh, you'll just LOVE crossing the finish line in your half marathon!! What a COOL feeling!!!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Here's a thought...Tara's game playing on the down low. Drank a bunch of water or something before the weigh-in. She's got immunity, and I can see that as an appealing strategy to stick around longer and have a bigger weight loss next week when her numbers count.

I want to know what sport(s) she was involved with in a previous era in her life. I'm getting a strong soccer/basketball/field hockey/softball/something competitive vibe from her.

Joelle needed that verbal tongue lashing. I have been there with the "I'm doing the best I can" and sometimes it takes someone calling your B.S. and not letting you talk your way out of things. I hope that was a good "a ha-I get it now!" moment for her.

Mark said...

Hi, just commented back to your comment on my blog...thanks for stopping by. Will add you to my blogroll and have fun!