Thursday, October 7, 2010

These Feet Weren't Made for Running, Apparently....

I went to see the doctor last week....again....for my foot.....the other foot...

This time it was not due to my chronic plantar fasciitis, it was due to a bony protrusion on the back of my heel that got stepped on during a volleyball game, and forced me to limp around for several days....

The doctor said the bump is tied to me having achilles tendonitis at some point, and is called haglund's bump, or a "pump bump" because women who wear pump shoes get these bumps on their heels.....they took an xray and it showed calcification on the back of my heel, as well as the under side of my heel (the beginning of a heel spur), he gave me a prescription, told me not to run for 3 weeks and come back for a check up....I actually felt better after a few more days, and have done some light running (shh, don't tell), but it definitely has me thinking that maybe I shouldn't run, if I am going to continue to damage my feet....I am definitely going to have this discussion with the doctor at my next check up....maybe I need to focus more on biking....not sure, just yet....then again, if the bump isn't causing me pain, maybe it will be okay to continue running....anyone have one of these heel bumps?    Here is what the xray looked like


TNTcoach Ken said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the foot. I can't imagine not running even with something like the heal issue. I would suggest maybe getting another option from a doc that runs........

Nobel4Lit said...

Blah! Sorry to hear about it, but I would second the second opinion.

I often feel the same way about myself -- I have a bunion that goes through periods of bad pain and normalcy.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Cool xray though.

aron said...

my husband!!!!! hes been dealing with this bump on the back of his heel and its very painful. been to many drs and the podiatrist said it was the haglund's bump but didnt say much else. he is really frustrated with it all and hasnt been running for a while :( hopefully he and you can get it figured out soon!

lindsay said...

Apparently they need to make it more gender neutral - I only "know" two people with this and you're both dudes (aron's hubs). :-/ hope you can figure it out soon!

lindsay said...

Oh yeah - the main reason I wanted to comment was cause of the cool X-ray. Can't interpret it but it looks cool.

Jo Lynn said...

Pumb bump? OMG, that's hilarious! Bumps of any kind on the feet SUCK.

Jo Lynn said...

I mean pump, not pumb. Gah!

shenx said...

Sorry to hear about the foot but don't lost hope.Maybe u can still run....

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