Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Labor Day weekend was anything but restful. Aside from celebrating birthdays/anniversaries with a nice family lunch, and taking a break to watch the K-State game (Go Cats!), we spent all weekend painting the exterior of our house. We kept the base coat the same, but changed the trim from a pastel blue to a tan and brown. We didn't really take before pictures, but here is an idea of the color we replaced:
And here is an "after" photo:

It was a lot of work, and we were extremely tired at the end of each day. I really wanted to go for a long bike ride or run, but I just didn't have the energy in me.

Speaking of bike rides, I got chased by a Rottweiler on my bike about a week ago. He came out of nowhere and starting barking and chasing me, for about 100 yards. I thought he was going to catch me for a minute. I had to turn and speed up to get rid of him. Now I can say that I've been chased by dogs while running AND biking. Why can't people keep their dogs (especially vicious ones) controlled or chained up??

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misszippy said...

Paint job looks nice. I had a rott. chase me once while running, years ago. Scary but all turned out ok. Glad yours did too.

lindsay said...

looks good! i like how a new coat of paint makes things look fresh and new, but i sure hate all the labor it takes!