Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plug for Prairie Fire

This past Sunday I was able to attend the Wichita Open, a Nationwide golf tournament. I had an absolute blast and saw some great golf, despite the 100 degree temperatures.

While there, I was sitting next to a man wearing a "Prairie Fire Marathon" shirt, and struck up a conversation with him. He said he was the owner of the marathon, which is having it's innagural race on 10/10/10. It was interesting hearing from him all the work that goes into planning an event like this. Truly a remarkable feat that takes tons of coordination and lots of volunteers.
Here are a few details: This race will replace the former Wichita Marathon, and will feature a full, half, 5K, and fun run. It will start at the Hyatt downtown area and wind through the city, through the College Hill and Eastborough neighborhoods, and feature 13 live bands playing on the course. There will also be a pasta dinner the night before. Much of this information is on their website if you are interested. He said they have to coordinate blocking off like 247 intersections. Wow.
As he was talking, I was getting excited, thinking, "hey I could do the half, this sounds like a fun race," only to learn later when I got home that I have my cousin's wedding that conflicts that weekend. Anyway, I hope this race is a success in it's first year and if you're looking for a midwest marathon in October, take a look at this one. He said he was hoping for 500 racers in the marathon and 1000 for the half. Interestingly, as we were talking, he was getting online entries popping up on his blackberry. "Just got another entry, a man from Arizona doing the half," he'd say as he showed me his phone. Gotta love technology.
In other news, I got a bike over the weekend. More to come on that later.


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Can't wait to hear about the bike!

10/10/10 is the same day as the Chicago marathon. Of course, that race is already filled to capacity so it's good that people looking for a Midwestern October marathon have an alternative!

My running group has the race director for the Chicago marathon come speak every September. I agree; it's amazing to hear everything that goes in to it. For a race that size I learned that each aid station has to have 300 volunteers!

Hannah said...

I'm doing the Prairie Fire Full. So excited!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ah yes, those much needed volunteers.....

Lacy said...

I've got the yellow, 10/10/10 shirt too. I'm an "official fire starter" :)
Here's to hoping Wichita gets it right this time!

Miranda said...

I have been trying to decide if I want to do the 5K, would love to say I could do the half, but no way am I ready for that quite yet, maybe next year!!