Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Agony of The Feet...

Foot Notes

I went for an 8-miler with my friend Isaac on Saturday.  My breathing felt good, my mental was on, it was a sunny, beautiful day...everything was great.....except, for my foot.

See, sometime this past week I tweaked my left foot, not sure when or how, maybe playing basketball...anyway, I thought it had gotten better so I was amped for my long run.  But,  for the last 6 miles of the 8 mile run, my left foot was killing me.  

The latest issue of Runners World  , their Injury Prevention Special, has a good article about taking care of your feet.  I pulled it out to see if I could figure out why my foot was hurting.  The article talks about several types of injuries your feet can incur when running -- black toenail, calluses, bunions, neuroma, and the one I am familiar with, plantar fasciitis.

However, none of these matched what I am experiencing.  My foot hurts at the base of my toes, where the toes meet the foot, between my 2nd and 3rd toes (next to the big toe), and is very noticeable when I put pressure on the front part of my foot or if I move my toes forwards or backwards at all.    The other day there was a bruise on the top of my foot, like I had dropped something on it (which I don't remember doing, but I'm not ruling it out), but the bruise is gone and just the pain in the inner foot remains.   It hurts really through the center of the foot.

I am thinking maybe it's a  strain, or sprain, or stress fracture, but hey I'm no doctor I'm just guessing here.  If anyone has had anything like this drop me a line as to what it might be and how to treat it.  For now, I'm going to take at least the next 3 days off from running and see how it feels.

Yes, I have a Fanny Pack

I have been planning on getting a water carrier for running, and have found a couple I like even, I just haven't gotten around to buying one.   On my long run Saturday, though, I wanted to have water because I was going to try to use GU during the run.  Then I remembered, hey I have a fanny pack.   I know, I know, fanny packs went away in the 80's, but for some reason I still have one.

So I dug it out, stole one of the kids smaller bottles, and filled it with water.  It actually worked perfect, because I can put my GU in there and whatever else I might need (money, cell phone, etc)   Okay, so I look like a total goober wearing it, but now I'm thinking hey I can save $30 and just use this for staying hydrated during my long runs.  


Melanie said...

wow, sorry to hear about the foot. i really hope it's not a stress fracture. RICE, hopefully the rest will help! Keep us posted! :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I hope you can figure out what to do to make your foot feel better.

I tried running with a fanny pack but it bothered me (too much bouncing for my liking) and I broke down and got something with little bottles all around. But husband still runs with a fanny pack. Whatever works!

RunToFinish said...

ok so I was having foot pain, though different than yours and I just now Googled it... I don't want to freak you out, but what you describe is how they explain a stress fracture. I hope that's not it, but you might want to get it checked out.

can't do the fanny pack..heck i refuse to even carry a water bottle...i need someone to run with me and carry my sheat.

Janice {Run Far} said...

you def need to invest in a proper fuel belt. I have one which carry's four small bottles, I love it cause I use two for water and two fot gatorade or whatever. How dod you like the GU. I am a GU lover.

I have been expericencing foot pain in both feet and it sounds very similar to what you are explaining, except no bruise, and I can run with out pain, the pain occurs later when walking around the house.
BTW.. I don't know what it is. Good luck.

joyRuN said...

That is the cutest water bottle!

Good luck with the foot - the only thing I can think of is shoe toebox too small or laces too tight?

Fair Weather Runner said...

Okay I read your lastest post before I read this one. Where you are feeling yours? Exactly where mine was....